As Far as I’m Concerned, These are the Best Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning house, vacuuming is one of our most important chores.  So much of the dirt and dust that makes it way into the house floats down to floors and furniture that our vacuum cleaner can be the best tool in our arsenal.  Finding the right vacuum cleaner can be as tough as it is important with so many available models all claiming to be the best.  You might think that you have to spend a fortune to get the best quality–after all, you get what you pay for, right?  Well, not necessarily.  Understanding what really makes a vacuum cleaner worth the money can help make your decision a little easier and help you figure out which manufacturers have the best machines and which are counting on sucking you in with hype.


The first bit of marketing you need to disregard has to do with claims of motor power and/or suction power being the most important factors in terms of performance.  It sounds crazy, I know, but there’s one area of a vacuum cleaner’s construction that is more critical to overall cleaning power than motor or suction.  That element is airflow.  A vacuum’s motor powers a fan that drops the pressure inside the machine.  The pressure drop creates the suction that pulls air (along with dirt, pet hair, etc.) into and through the machine.  A more powerful motor definitely means more suction power, but without efficient airflow, that suction power will fade within minutes of start up.  If a vac’s airflow pathway is leaky, the best motor isn’t worth the extra money.  Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute.  The key to getting the best vacuum cleaner for your money is to look for higher CFM ratings.

A well-sealed airflow system combined with terrific filtration is what makes a vacuum cleaner most effective.  While the airflow improves suction and ensures that more dust gets directed to the bag or canister, the filter serves to trap any microscopic particles before the cleaned air is sent out through the machine’s exhaust port.  These two features are critical in making sure that as much debris is picked up and retained as possible.  What’s the point in picking up all the dirt if too much of it just ends up being released right back into the air, free to float back down to your nice clean surfaces?  The best thing about a superior cleaning machine is that it not only makes each cleaning session much more effective, but can also mean that you might be able to vacuum less often.

Now that you know what really makes a vacuum cleaner great, your next job is to make sure you get the model that does that job well in your house.  If you have carpet, you need a brush head roller that will agitate the carpet to stir up dirt below the surface.  These brush heads are less effective on bare floors.  For bare floors, you need a head that sits closer to the ground and relies strictly on solid suction.  Many of today’s models offer settings for both carpet and bare floors, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that does both well.

In order to get the most out of your vacuum, look for a model that will allow you to go beyond floors.  Look for attachments that will let you clean furniture, stairs, baseboards, ceiling fans and light fixtures, blinds and curtains, and all the tight spaces between appliances or behind furniture.

The choice of upright versus canister is largely a matter of preference.  Easy mobility, though, should be a concern.  Nobody wants the hassle of housework to be compounded by a struggle to keep the vacuum cleaner in check.  Make it a point to understand how cumbersome a prospective model will be once you’ve got attachments hooked up.

To sum it up, high CPM airflow plus great filter equals super-effective vacuum cleaner.  If you can look past the marketing hype that quite often leaves airflow out of the equation, you’re on your way to a great vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have to break the bank.


After learning the benefits of DIY cleaning, it’s about time to check out the best hardwood floor vacuum reviews specifically if your home has wooden floors, carpeted flooring, or both.

Cool Ways to Stay Close as a Family

Some families aren’t as close as the ones we admire on our favorite television shows. Sibling rivalry isn’t foreign, nor is the occasional domestic chaos. But when parents and children constantly bump heads it can be challenging, but the good news is you don’t have to just sit back and accept it. There are changes you can make to become a closer family unit. When people hear ‘change’, they automatically think it will be expensive or hard to adjust. That’s not the case with these ten suggestions.

  1. Take a poll.


Simply asking how you’re doing can open the doors of communication. Children are usually good at telling you what they need if you know how to ask. Try asking open-ended as well as yes or no questions. Be prepared to hear anything without getting offended, this insures you are listening closely and with an open mind.

  1. Get up. Stand up.

Mother and Daughter Talking

Don’t sit on your parent throne (usually the best spot on the couch), shouting out demands and instructions at your children. That behavior encourages your children to give you space and to find their own sanctuaries. In this digital age, it’s easy to just send a text, but speaking face to face is still the best means of communication. Limit all other forms of communication and show them you care enough to find them and speak to them and they will do the same. Remember, you are your children’s first example.

  1. Take them out.

Princes Park, North Carlton, Victoria, Australia

One thing that makes children so special is that they are all different. They have their own minds, interests, hobbies and habits. It’s important to do stuff as a family but it’s also important to give each child some one on one time. Spend time with each child doing something that they love. That can be going to a special exhibit at a museum, seeing a horror movie, playing a sport, or even just a bite to eat at their favorite restaurant. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or plan an entire day from morning to night. Sometimes just surprising them with their favorite ice cream when you go grocery shopping is a nice gesture. It shows thoughtfulness and makes them feel important as an individual. Children tend to remember the little things, they’re special like that, so don’t feel like any gesture is too small or will go unnoticed.

  1. A family that eats together…


Almost everyone has a hectic schedule these days, even toddlers. There’s practice, work, school and everything in between. Families are always on the move to keep up with homework, meetings, and extracurriculars. You have to prioritize with family time being at the top of your list. Even if it’s just one night a week, make an effort to sit down and eat together, without phones or television. Having that time with nothing but a meal and each other’s company can do wonders for your family unit. This time can be used to talk about each other’s days, future plans, and current struggles.

  1. Who doesn’t like pizza?


Pizza night is completely different than sitting down at the table together for dinner. You can do pizza night less often, perhaps once a month. Put it on the calendar, preferably on a Friday so no one has to worry about waking up too early the next morning. Make it a festive time, something everyone in the family can look forward to. Add a family movie and ice cream for dessert. There is no dinner preparation or mess to clean up, which adds to the relaxing mood.